About us


The cooperative winery of Mangualde is located in the heart of Portugal, and makes part of the Dão Wine Region. The cooperative was founded on December, 4th in 1963, having celebrated its 50th anniversary on 2013. It has about 300 active members. Actually it benefits of a modern vinification center capable of vinification to 6000 tons of grapes, and it is equipped with top oenological technology. The winery has expanded its activity to the tourism sector through the implementation of the Vine & Wine Interpretation Center. Its goal is to promote the wine culture providing for the regular training and formation as well as the experiencing of the sensations associated with the entire process of winemaking, from the vineyard to the bottle.  


Our mission...

The production and bottling of common wine and liqueur wine, from the grapes of our members, as well as its distribution through the various existing channels on the national and international market, promoting in parallel all the culture and wine making traditions through the Vine & Wine Interpretation Center.


Our vision...

  • Achieve standards of efficiency and improvement of the vineyards, encouraging and assisting our associates and providing them with technical assistance tools, monitoring on-site their vineyards and promoting appropriate training activities to adapt to the needs of an evolving sector;
  • Design wines, according to the demand and market requirements;
  • Distribute the wines in national and international markets;
  • Contribute to the sustainable development of the environment;
  • To develop the wine tourism at the local, regional and national level.


Infrastructures & equipments

  • Vinification Center (Up to  6000 tons of grapes)
  • Deposits and tanks that can store around 70 000 hl of wine
  • 150  standard casks of American oak, medium toast  of 225 liters
  • Oenology Laboratory
  • Bottling line with a production speed of 1500 bottles by hour
  • Storage
  • Offices
  • Vine & Wine Interpretation Center
  • Public  wine sale shop
  • Outside parking area