Dão Region


The demarcated region of Dão has more than a century of history. Established in 1908, Dão region is the oldest demarcated region of non-liqueur wine in Portugal. Located in the center of Portugal, it has about 20 000 hectares of vineyards in approximately 376 000 hectares of land, spread over 60 000 grape producers. Produces about 40 million liters of wine per year, 6% of the national wine production.

This region is generally characterized by its granitic soils of low fertility, with schist outcrops in the South and the West. It has a climate that although tempered, it is quite cold and rainy in winter and often very dry and hot in the summer. The geographical conditions are favorable for wine production, the mountains of Caramulo, Montemuro, Buçaco, Nave and Estrela protect vineyards of the climate influence.

The Dão region has unique conditions for the production of incomparable wines, marked by their character and elegance.