Red varieties





Considered the noblest of all red varieties in the country, Touriga Nacional has its origin in Dão region, but nowadays is grown throughout the country, from north to south, with a significantly increasing trend of development. The wines made with Touriga Nacional are often complex and of very high quality, with great intensity of color and aroma components, usually round and soft recalling ripe berries. Wines made with this grape variety, are also characterized by a high capacity for aging, particularly in wood. (Source: IVV)




It is found in various regions of the country, with special emphasis on Dão wine region. Alfrocheiro is a grape variety that adapts to any type of pruning. The young wines usually have an intense ruby color and strong fruity aroma, with soft tannins and are well balanced, showing good aging potential. (Source: IVV)




Considered as an Iberian grape variety, Aragonez is grown in different regions, with special emphasis on Douro, Porto and Trás-os-Montes regions. Aragonez presents an average to high potencial of homogeneity in wine production. Prefers deep soils, well drained and with reduced water availability, and dry and hot climates. The wines obtained with Aragonez are soft to taste and well provided with coloring matter and aromatically intense and complex, developing plums and berries aromas. (Source: IVV)




In the Dão region, Jaen is cultivated for a long time, being quoted in wine surveys from 1865, as the dominant grape variety of Mangualde county. Some say that it was brought by pilgrims returning to their homeland through the paths of Santiago. After the phylloxera plague, Jaen has spread throughout the region Dão, thanks to its high productivity and prematurity, which allowed the production of good colour and alcohol content wines. The cluster, in this variety is large and compact, with medium berries, uniform and rounded, black-blue thin epidermis and bloom average. The pulp is soft and juicy, not being flushed. The wines are elegant, with regular alcohol content, intense color and very soft, given its weak acidity. It is, however, his intense and delicate perfume, remembering raspberries, which makes this grape variety very precious. (Source: CVRD)