White varieties




Indigenous white grape variety, Encruzado is grown in the areas of IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) of Beiras, with particular focus on DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) Dão, as well as in the IGP of the Setúbal Peninsula and the Alentejo. It is a variety with specific characteristics (develops tendrils in internodes), presenting in general good rapport with all varieties of rootstock. The resulting wines are generally of high quality, stylish and of great aromatic complexity, with vegetal notes (green pepper), floral (rose and violet), minerals (flint) and fruity (citrus), which can be associated with others with aging. (Source: IVV)




It is a very cosmopolitan grape variety, found in almost all grape-growing regions of Portugal. Dão region has the soil and weather conditions that allow Malvasia Fina to express its full potential and is therefore the most cultivated in the region. The grape cluster is medium and loose and the berries are small, heterogeneous and present a yellowish green skin. Malvasia Fina enables the obtainment of a citrus-colored wine, with intense aromas, although simple, dominated by floral tones, with balanced acidity and an elegant ending, albeit with average persistence. It has a good potential for aging, with their wines presenting an extraordinary "bouquet", its color becomes yellow straw, and it is noteworthy the complexity of its aromas associated with fineness, balance and elegance. Mixed with other varieties of Dão region, it reaches the "typicality" and the very personality of Dão’s white wines. (Source: CVRD)




Indigenous white grape variety that is grown mainly in the IGP Beiras. It is an early variety that adapts well to the reduced vigor rootstocks, with some susceptibility to blossom drop and suitability for mechanical harvesting; no major climatic requirements, prefers average fertility soils. The wines are usually of very good quality and significant alcohol content. In terms of colour and aromas, the wines are of citrus colour, and are very fruity, fine, soft and balanced (Source: IVV).




Indigenous white grape variety, is grown in different regions of the country, with special emphasis in the area of DOP Bairrada. It prefers a clay-limestone soil and a moderately dry climate. The wines produced with Cerceal Branco show good potential for elementary wines and are usually of very good quality. They are characterized by a good balance between alcohol and acidity, giving origin to fresh and very aromatic wines of intense color and citrus hue and high aging capacity. (Source: IVV)