On this guided tour through the vineyards of the members of the Cooperative Winery of Mangualde, visitors have the opportunity to discover the secrets of Dão terroir, enjoying a relaxing and informative tour.




With a total area of 12600 m2 and with a capacity to vinify 6000 tons of grapes, the vinification center of Mangualde’s Cooperative is characterized by its industrial and advanced wine-making technology. This is where all the efforts made in the vineyards are materialized.




The permanent exhibition of the Interpretive Center of the Vine and Wine is designed to allow the visitor to know all the wine production process, as well as the inherent traditions and sensory experiences, from the cultivation of the vine to the wine tasting. It is divided into six major exhibition centers: Winery, Historical and socio-cultural heritage, Dão Region, Viticulture, Vinification and Wine.




The opportunity to taste the wines produced in the Winery smoothly and with an educational approach. The visitor will know the whole process and peculiar characteristics to this unparalleled sensory experience.




A gastronomic harmonization of local products allows the visitor to relive and recreate the traditional lunch of the winegrowers, with all its rusticity - wine, bread, cheeses and sausages.




A friendly place where you can find the range of wines from Cooperative Winery of Mangualde, as well as other regional products and souvenirs of the Interpretation Center of the Vine and the Wine. 




Wine events, corporate, social and touristic, wine workshops and training activities and vinous meals are some of the services that are part of the portfolio of the Interpretive Center’s events.